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11 JAN
What are the steps for opening a company in Qatar?

Foreign companies that want to expand their business to Qatar can open a branch or incorporate a new business entity. A requirement for doing business in the country for foreign corporations is to appoint a representative. One of our company registration agents in Qatar can help by answering your questions about the steps for business incorporation in the country ... A few steps are mandatory for all investors who decide to open a company in Qatar:reserve a company name with the Commercial Registry and Trademark Department; open a bank account and deposit the paid-up capital; draw up the Articles of Association and submit them for approval from the Commercial Companies Control Department; authenticate the Articles of Association; submit the documents and register with the Commercial Registry belonging to the Chamber of Commerce and Industry; register for tax purposes and make a company seal; a trade license and signage license are obtained from the Municipality of Doha. Other special permits and licenses may be needed, as per the company’s activities. The procedures described above are a summarized description of the steps that need to be achieved in order to have a registered and operational legal entity. We recommend seeking advice from our Qatar company registration firm. Our team of experts can help you understand the process and abide restrictions imposed in respect to foreign ownership.


Easy Registration


Companies in Qatar can be easily incorporated, as there are no harsh formalities involved. One of our company formation agents in Qatar can provide assistance throughout the registration process.

Simplified Documents


The articles of association are the company’s main documents that have information about the owners,the business address, the representative of the firm, the activities and many more.

Fast approvals


The ministry of economy and commerce in Qatar issues the necessary approvals for businesses in this country. If all the formalities are respected, the approvals are received in a fast manner.

Appealing tax structure


The tax system in Qatar is attractive to foreigners, as there is no withholding tax on dividends and no real estate property tax.

Attractive business sectors


Qatar is a top investment destination in western asia, chosen by businessmen of any kind. The oil and gas sector, tourism, real estate and manufacturing generate huge profits each year.

What types of companies can I open in Qatar?
The most common types of companies in Qatar are the limited liability company, the public shareholding company, and the branch. Partnerships, joint partnerships, and limited partnerships, as well as joint ventures, are available business forms. Foreign investors in Qatar commonly choose to open a limited liability company. The majority of the business (51%) needs to be owned by a Qatari national or by a group of Qatari national shareholders. The Qatar Financial Centre and the Qatar Science & Technology Park are two special investment zones where foreign company incorporation is encouraged and where investors benefit from a special tax regime and regulatory framework. Companies incorporated in the Qatar Financial Centre are subject to a parallel legal framework, modeled after the English Common law. Full foreign ownership is permitted here and companies incorporated under this special regime can access the Qatar local market. One of our company formation agents in Qatar can give you more information about this special Centre.

Registering LLC in Qatar
The registration of a limited liability company in Qatar is made with the Ministry of Economy and Commerce. The incorporation is not complex, however, it is recommended to pay attention to the following aspects: A name verification and reservation need to be made before the documents are prepared. The Articles of Association and the Memorandum of Association need to be drafted in Arabic and then notarized. QAR 200,000 represent the minimum share capital which must be deposited in a local bank account. Depending on the business, special licenses and permits are needed. It is important to know that foreign investors in Qatar cannot have more than 49% ownership in the company. This is why a local partner is needed for opening a company in Qatar.

Can I establish a branch in Qatar?
Yes, you can establish a branch in Qatar, respecting a few conditions in this direction. For instance, the first thing to do is to obtain a decree from the Ministry of Economy and Commerce in Qatar. The incorporation of a branch in Qatar is a complex process, however, the procedure involves a series of documents to prepare, plus the approvals of the authorities. Among these, the declaration showing the intention of establishing a branch, made by the parent company, is needed. Moreover, The Articles of Association and the Memorandum of Association, a power of attorney and the certificate of registration for a foreign shareholder of the company from abroad are among the documents which need to be drafted at the Commercial Registry in Qatar. If you would like to set up a branch in Qatar, you should seek advice from our team of company formation agents in Qatar.